Purpose Unites People

Ever since I started to work in projects, I saw in practice how important it is to have a goal, a purpose in whatever you do. It doesn’t matter if you are a project or program manager or a windows administrator.

Maybe a trivial statement, but purpose unites people – into communities and teams. I am amazed to see how the simple “meaning” adds flavor to any work which has to be done.

I know in practice what happens when people in project teams don’t know where they are going and why they are doing it. I remember how frustrating I was, when I was supposed to be part of the project where nobody knew why, how and when it was planned to be done. I witnessed such situations twice and this experience was enough to make a statement : when I am a leader and have a team – the first thing I should do is to clarify for myself and then for my team – the big “WHY”. And Keep reminding about it as often as possible, to ensure that our “Why” is still valid!

Without goal and purpose people and projects are destined to failure. These are absolute must-be questions and there must be answers: Why do you do this project? Why is it important that you do this task? What is the end result expected? When is it expected to be done?


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