A Game Changer

I have always admired and looked up to people who were creative, did more than they were told to do, looked for better or different solutions, continuously worked on improvements, experimented with new ideas and did not blindly follow the crowd. I guess there is something unpredictable about such individuals and creates a natural charisma.

Today, when I look back at my 12 years of work experience, 7 of them in project management in big companies and corporations – I think that we are often brainwashed to act as we are told to. And only those individuals who are brave enough to keep their minds open, stand up for their ideas and beliefs, think out of the box and push for different course of action than what others want them to follow – only those really stand a chance to become real game changers.

What about you? Are you a game player or a game changer?🤔

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