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A Game Changer

I have always admired and looked up to people who were creative, did more than they were told to do, looked for better or different solutions, continuously worked on improvements, …

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Only Results Matter

The only way to increase your credibility and improve self confidence is by delivering results! It does not matter, how much time and effort you or anybody else has invested …

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Know Your Why

If you don’t know what you want – you will do what others want you to do. As simple as that. This should be a minimum sufficient reason to figure …

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Work And Study Balance

It is an absolute must to keep developing personally and professionally. But when can we find time for it if managing projects and teams consumes all available slots? As Managers …

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Talking Facts

There is something I had to learn the hard way. This is about being able to base your feedback and call for action on pure facts. This is why meeting …

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Working With Customers

I love working with Customers. In some cases they are amazing, often demanding and sometimes complicated. But let’s face it – they are in the core of any business. Whom …

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