“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Anastazja Michalak  and I am a certified, experienced Project Manager. I dived into this profession in 2014 in the pursuit of a career change. As soon as I discovered Project Management, I realised that this is it – Project Management: my profession, my calling, my favourite activity, which I can learn or execute from dusk till dawn and never fill tired or bored.   I fluently speak 4 languages:  English, German, Polish and Russian. I have a firm believe, that the more languages you know, the more of a person you are.

Life before project management

After making a master degree at University, I made a career in teaching and upskilling people in English and German languages, trained and coached them to pass international exams in those languages, became an expert in this sphere, made an attempt of my own small language school business and … felt bored. I have always wanted more – wondered how would it be to work in business, in a corporate world, which sounded like a challenge. I took my chances and made a change. I had an insight into project management and found it extremely interesting, since it so much matched my personality and, somehow unconsciously, triggered natural desire to learn and discover. Later, I would realise that project management was the best choice I could have ever made, what is more –  it helps me in developing my strengths and skills.

Beginning of my career

I have worked for such corporations as Greiner Packaging, Atos, Nokia and IBM and was an active volunteer for international project management organization – PMI. I did in fact dive into the corporate world and each experience added not only a new line to my CV or new story to my life, it changed my whole outlook on business, work, cooperation with people, management, communication, feedback and many other things which I would definitely like to share with you in this blog.

Why I decided to start blogging?

I decided to start blogging about project management for 3 major reasons:  

  1. Share my experience with you as I develop my career. I want to spark you too: perhaps I will help you find your calling, believe in yourself and take courage to change your life forever. Or, if you already found your calling, I will be able to encourage you to become better in what you do already and be Number ONE. And if you are already Number One – I would love to get to know you and it would be great if you could share your experience with me, so that I could be better too.
  2. Project Management is something you never stop learning and can apply anywhere. Its major ingredients are Knowledge (theory and practice) and Personality (who you are). There is a lot to discover, learn and apply! So let’s make it happen!
  3. Find “thought-mates” or like-minded enthusiasts who share same passion to Project Management. One head is good, but two – are always better!

I share with you, on this blog, what I learn and read, what I apply at work and life and the results I get. I try new approaches, develop my theories and test them to see if they really work. Of course, this is my experience and my way of enhancing and embracing it, but I am sure you can take something useful from it with you.

So let’s get ourselves noticed in this noisy world and make our voices count!

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